Nicole Campau – The Old Guard (SOLD OUT)

WH011 Nicole Campau – The Old Guard is up for preorder !

For our new cassette reissue, we are very happy to present a pure D.I.Y gem, « The Old Guard » by Californian hometaper Nicole Campau.

‘The Old Guard’ was recorded in 1987 in San Jose by Nicole herself, at the early age of 11. She was helped by her father Don Campau, a musician and radio-host active since the 1960’s, whom lend her his TEAC A3440 4 track open reel recorder. Nicole wrote the lyrics, sung, played acoustic guitar and Moog synth, while her father played other keyboards, percussions and turntables. He later released the tape on his own label, Lonely Whistle. The result is a unique blend of minimal synth mixed with cheerful poetry and rap tunes, crossed by a lo-fi folk song and Nicole’s personal notes to herself with random asides, as only kids know how to do it.

Release date : June 13th 2016