Body Without Organs
Osiris Rises EP

For our first reissue, we are very happy to present « Osiris Rises », an EP of selected tracks by US esoteric band Body Without Organs.
This cassette features two tracks from their first cassette LP, « Isis And Thoth », released in 1985 on Audiofile Tapes.

Their music is a singular blend of minimal synth, mystic body music and spoken word with vocoder. Through reading of incantations and numerous esoteric references (especially those associated to egyptian mythology), they created a unique sound, made of swirling and undulating analog synthesis.

Side A features ‘Osiris Rises », a 9 min danceable hymn that begins with a sample voicing these words : « let the divine light descend! ». The whole song is built on analog sequences, beats and vocoding voices, going through various speed manipulations becoming cacophonous and ending up with the clattering of bells.
Side B stirs up the past with « She – Women Of The SS ». The track begins and continues through it’s whole with analog sequencing, later joined by recordings of accounts of the brutalising actions of female SS officers towards prisoners of war during the WWII…

Limited handmade ed. of 60 gold cassettes with rhodoïd j-cards, recorded at home in Rennes, FR.

Tracklist :

A1- Osiris Rises
B1- She – Women Of The SS

Release date : November 30,  2015.

Catalog no. : WH006