Gust De Meyer

Ok so for our second reissue, we are getting very emotional here…
This release is about a well-kept secret tape that all soft-hearted diggers cherish : Casioworks by Gust De Meyer, first released in 1983 by Ding Dong Records & Tapes.

Sadly, these Casioworks come from a place where no one lives anymore. A place with no cities, no crimes, no time. Only soft Casio melodies floating in the blue air. We must say, Casio should have choose Gust De Meyer as their official mouthpiece. But it couldn’t have been a possible move since De Meyer was Belgian…

Anyway, these minimalist pieces were produced under a strict guideline : the exclusive use of the Casio VL 1, a japanese monophonic synthesizer (and calculator). Between 1979 and 1984, the VL 1 was massively produced as a kid toy, but it was a charming cheap machine with unrealistic and low-fidelity sounds. Yet, many professional musicians used it as a very serious and singular instrument.

But from this very inclusive condition, Gust De Meyer created a very large spectrum of sounds and emotions. Each track was recorded in a single take, which means no hesitations, no corrections, no second chance.

This tape was De Meyer’s only musical output, since he is now professor of social studies in Belgium.

Limited edition of 70 cassettes recorded at home in Rennes (FR).
Insert with Casio VL 1’s history included.

Tracklist :

A1- Casiowork 1.1.1
A2- Casiowork 1.1.2
A3- Casiowork 1.1.3
A4- Casiowork 1.1.4
B1- Casiowork 1.2.1
B2- Casiowork 1.2.2
B3- Casiowork 1.2.3
B4- Casiowork 1.2.4

Release date : December 15, 2015.

Catalog no. : WH007