Cerebral Hemorrhage
Back In 1984 EP

We are very proud to present a cassette reissue of a US minimal synth gem, one of our all time favorites : ‘Back In 1984’ by Cerebral Hemorrhage.

Cerebral Hemorrhage was a one-man project led by Dennis Curley, then located in Boston, MA. He released ‘Back in 1984’ on his own label, Illusion Records, in 1984.

The entire EP is based on an uchronic concept. In the first track ‘Back In 1984’, Dennis is singing about 1984’s alternate history, in which after Reagan’s re-election the US descended into nuclear war with the Soviets. As the lyrics ask on repeat « where were you? » at the moment world was destroyed, the song ends with a nuclear explosion and suddenly the second track begins. Where the first track asked « where were you? » at the world’s end, ‘I Remember’ is a repetitive litany of memories from before the destruction: « there were buildings / there were faces / there were cities / there were towers / there was sunlight, etc ».

As for the man himself, we may not be that loquacious… Information about Dennis Curley is even scarcer than his records. As they rarely show up for sale, if not-never, we were excited to finally put our hands on ‘Back In 1984’ on Ebay after years of wait. We were hoping to solve a part of the mystery but sadly we found no exploitable element. We have nothing further to reveal about Dennis Curley and his work except the existence of two preceeding albums : ‘Other Worlds’ from 1981 and ‘Sticks And Stars’ from 1983.

We tried in every possible way to get in touch with Dennis Curley. If you are linked to him or have any useful information about him, please contact us (contact@wavinghands.net).

Tracklist :

A1- Back In 1984
A2- I Remember
A3- Let’s Modulate
A4- The Chilly Dance
A5- Night Music

Red clear monochrome cassettes. Rhodoid j-cards with lyrics included. Limited edition of 30 copies, recorded at home in Rennes (FR).

Release date : June 20, 2016

Cat. no : WH012